Safeta Obhodjas
English Safeta Obhodjas

SAFETA  OBHODJAS, is one of the many writers and intellectuals from  Bosnia and Herzegovina who, because of genocide and "ethnic  cleansing" in the period of 1992-95, had to leave their home  country and become refugees in Europe und other continents. She was born in 1951 in Pale, near Sarajevo, in a Bosnian-Moslem family. There she got married und gave birth to her two daughters. She studied journalism at the University of Sarajevo. Together with her family, she lived in Pale and commuted to  Sarajevo. In 1980-1992, she published various radio plays for Radio Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Zagreb. She also published  articles and stories in the literary magazines in these same cities. Her first book "The Women and the Secret" was published 1987 in Sarajevo by the publisher "Veselin Maslesa." She  received numerous accolades for her stories and radio plays. In 1992, because of their Muslim religion, she and her family were  driven out from Pale by Bosnian Serbs. Since then, she has been  living and working in exile in Wuppertal, Germany.

She is the first Bosnian writer who writes about the challenges  of modern times in Bosnia. Her main subject in her literature  opus has been women's life and women's destiny in Bosnia's  multi-religious and culturally complex society in the last 50  years. As a writer she keeps the role of a neutral observer who  describes the events of peoples' destinies with very precise  details and with a great deal of humor and irony. As a storyteller she upholds the suspense from the first to the last page In Germany, she works in both Bosnian und German languages. Critics describe her prose as a compilation of writings that  connect Orient and Oxidant together. She has received financial  support from various German cultural foundations for her engagement and her writing.

In the last few years four of her books have been published in  German: the novels "Hana", "On a Bosnia's Banquet", "Scheherazade  in a Winter-Country" and short stories "The Woman and the  Secret" by "Melina Verlag;" and "Scheherazade in a  Winter-Country", by "Bosanska rijec" (Bosnian word) Tuzla and  Wuppertal in Bosnian language. Her most recent book is "Legend  and Dust".